NICHOLE WASHINGTON“叛逆的黑人女孩”由联合国主办的个人展览

■文件名:NICHOLE WASHINGTON “REBELLIOUS BLACK GIRL” A Solo Exhibit Presented by The Untit  NICHOLE WASHINGTON“叛逆的黑人女孩”由联合国主办的个人展览
■简介:The Untitled Space is pleased to present Nichole Washington‘s debut solo show, “Rebellious Black Girl”. Nichole Washington is a visual artist who is becoming known for her mixed media artworks exploring feminine strength, spirituality and identity. In 2016 she graduated from School of Visual Arts where she earned a masters degree in digital photography. Since earning her degree her work has been exhibited in galleries and institutions across the United States including the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. In 2017 she was one of ten recipients of the Enfoco Photography Fellowship. Washington’s work is featured in the inaugural issue of “MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora” and has been featured in several benefit auctions including The Heliotrope Foundation, Groundswell and Art4Equality. Her work has been exhibited in a number of group shows at The Untitled Space including BODY BEAUTIFUL, IRL: Investigating Reality, ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE, and SHE INSPIRES
《无题空间》The Untitled Space很高兴为您呈现尼科尔·华盛顿的首个个人秀《叛逆的黑人女孩》。Nichole Washington是一位视觉艺术家,她以探索女性力量、精神和身份的混合媒体艺术作品而闻名。2016年,她从视觉艺术学院毕业,获得了数字摄影硕士学位。自获得学位以来,她的作品在美国各地的画廊和机构展出,包括查尔斯·H·赖特非洲裔美国人历史博物馆。2017年,她是十位Enfoco摄影奖学金获得者之一。华盛顿的作品在“MFON:非洲侨民的女摄影师”的首映式中有着特色,并在几个有益的拍卖中被收录,包括HelioTope基金会、BooStWess和Att4等。她的作品曾在无标题空间的多个团体演出中展出,包括《身体美》、《IRL:调查现实》、《一年的抵抗》和《启发她》