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■文件名:Banyan Batiks Essentials Look Book Winter 2022
■简介:Northcott Fabrics

We are the home of “cottons that feel like silk”. Our fine cotton prints with a silky hand can be found in quilt and craft shops around the world. We are known for our superior quality and admirable customer service. The quilting industry is where we have built a name for ourselves and a community of great customers, distributors and partners. We design and partner with the best designers to produce fabrics to sell wholesale to your local shops and distributors.
Our mission is to offer a wide variety of quality fabrics that will inspire everyone to sew and craft! We want you to be able to find a fabric that motivates you to make something unique. The art of quilting and sewing is something we are very passionate about.
We were founded in 1935, originally as a fashion textile converter. During the mid ’80s we shifted our focus to the ever-expanding cotton print market of quilting! It has been an amazing journey and we continue to grow and expand each year. We launched Banyan Batiks in 2017, FIGO fabrics in 2018 and Patrick Lose Fabrics has partnered with us for 2020.
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我们成立于 1935 年,最初是一家时尚纺织品加工商。在 80 年代中期,我们将重点转移到不断扩大的棉布印花绗缝市场!这是一段了不起的旅程,我们每年都在不断发展壮大。我们在 2017 年推出了 Banyan Batiks,在 2018 年推出了FIGO 面料,Patrick Lose Fabrics 在 2020 年与我们合作。本期是2022年榕树蜡染精品印花外观手册冬季流行印花图案艺术目录册