David Beschi 2021水彩画展-80周年庆祝作品精选

■文件名:David Beschi Watercolour 2021 Exhibition
■简介:Lost Bear Gallery presents an exhibition of new watercolour paintings to celebrate David Beschi’s 80th birthday David Beschi’s paintings typically feature charming, timeless, everyday scenes. Many works are wonderfully animated and whimsical, whilst others are contrastingly quiet and sensitive portrayals. David’s deceptively simple paintings are characterized by a gestural approach, where intuitive control enables him to blend limited detail with intriguing levels of obscurity. His name is synonymous with a restrained palette of muted umbers, warm greys and soft-hued washes, with an occasional, inspired splash of colour. These skillfully executed new paintings offer a glimpse of a lifetime of memories from this private painter.

Lost Bear 画廊展出了一系列新的水彩画,以庆祝大卫·贝斯基的80岁生日。大卫·贝斯基的画通常以迷人、永恒的日常场景为特色。许多作品都是非常生动和异想天开的,而其他作品则是对比安静和敏感的刻画。大卫看似简单的绘画以手势的方式为特征,直观的控制使他能够将有限的细节与引人入胜的模糊程度融合在一起。他的名字是由柔和的棕色、温暖的灰色和柔和的水洗组成的克制的调色板的同义词,偶尔会有灵感的色彩飞溅。这些技艺精湛的新作让我们一窥这位私人画家一生的记忆。