Annie Harris Massie《居住之光》2020年世界美术馆展

■文件名:Annie Harris Massie︰ Inhabited Light
■简介:Annie Harris Massie: Inhabited Light, documents the exhibition of the same title at Les Yeux du Monde Gallery in 2020. Massie, who has exhibited with the gallery for almost two decades, has steadily increased the size and abstract, all-over quality and often tonal colors of her paintings, but her primary concern is still Light and its dematerializing and unifying effect on her subjects, be they a familiar garden or city scene, favorite tree, or cut dried hydrangea. Like the Impressionists, she is interested in the changing effect of light throughout the day on her subject; and the Abstract Expressionists, she creates an all over gestural composition that invites the viewer into the experience of transformation she so deftly captures in brushwork and color. Even reminiscent of the Cubists’ concern with interlocking planes of color, Massie takes all these influences and makes them her own in these powerful paintings teeming with light and life

安妮·哈里斯·马西Annie Harris Massie:《居住之光》记录了2020年在世界美术馆举办的同名展览。马西与画廊一起展出了近二十年,她稳步增加了画作的尺寸和抽象性、整体质量和色调,但她最关心的仍然是光线及其对主题的非物质化和统一效果,无论是熟悉的花园或城市场景,还是喜爱的树木,或者切碎干绣球花。像印象派画家一样,她对光线在一天中对她的主题的变化效果感兴趣;作为抽象表现主义者,她创作了一幅全身都是手势的作品,邀请观众体验她用笔触和色彩巧妙捕捉到的变化。即使让人想起立体主义者对互锁的色彩平面的关注,玛西也接受了所有这些影响,并在这些充满光线和生命的强大画作中使它们成为她自己的