2021 Revealed Exhibition Catalogue: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

2021 Revealed展览展示了来自偏远,区域和大都市西澳大利亚的最佳新兴艺术家,展示了绘画,装置,纺织品,摄影,印刷媒体,霓虹灯,珠宝,雕刻和雕塑等艺术作品。弗里曼特尔艺术中心(Fremantle Arts Centre)的画廊汇集了100多位才华横溢的新兴土著艺术家,这些画廊充满了当代艺术作品,这些作品均来自西澳州原住民艺术中心的工作室和独立艺术家。Revealed是一个年度展览,为新兴的西澳原住民艺术家提供了一个与新观众建立联系的重要平台。来吧,沉浸在土著文化和艺术中,并为下一代艺术家提供支持。展览中的所有艺术品都在出售。

Presenting the best new and emerging Aboriginal artists from remote, regional and metro Western Australia, the 2021 Revealed Exhibition showcases artworks across painting, installation, textiles, photography, print media, neon, jewellery, carving and sculpture. Featuring over 100 talented emerging Aboriginal artists, Fremantle Arts Centre’s galleries are brimming with contemporary work, fresh from the studios of WA’s Aboriginal Art Centres and independent artists. Revealed is an annual exhibition which provides an important platform for emerging WA Aboriginal artists to connect with new audiences. Come along and be immersed in Aboriginal culture and art and support the next generation of artists. All artworks in the exhibition are for sale.