ZOOM-珠宝和建筑环境 外文原版珠宝首饰电子书下载

ZOOM – jewellery and the built environment

The topic of the exhibition ZOOM is jewelry and built environment. What kind of jewelry is inspired by the image, geometry, structure and texture of the city and also how it is valued, how the background provides a topic and how, in turn, the jewelry affects it. In this new constellation and completed with a specific background, the jewels form a new unit, a relief or a sculpture. The meaning of the jewelry expands. It is not just wearable jewelry, it is also about jewelry as a piece of art, an object, an interior design element, a detail of a building. Or an architectural gesture that is reinterpreted in an object: jewelry. The substrate in this case is not the person, but the built environment. Collages and images are created, of which jewelry is an integral part