Marc Chagall and his Contemporaries. Auction live online Saturday

Pridham’s is pleased to offer the important and extensive art collection of Joseph Liverant (1894-1981). This collection will include original works, lithographic posters and related material (books) by Marc Chagall (1887-1985). Most examples are signed and / or signed and dedicated to Mr. Liverant, Also included in this collection are original works by Pablo Picasso, James Ensor, Raymond Moretti and Raoul Dufy. Other inclusions: a selection of Persian rugs including one designed by Vasily Kandinsky, a few more Chagall posters, an impressive Venetian glass chandelier, a pair of Art Deco ceramic nautical figures by Edouard Cazaux (1889-1974, French), several pieces of fine Venetian glass and Austrian stemware (J&L Lobmeyr Hoffman, 1917) from the Lilian M. Stewart Foundation (Montreal), and several monumental commissioned pieces of fine art work by well known listed Canadian artists from the Canderel-Ottawa Collection